Bucoli – Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli 102.5FM


Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli 102.5FM / Bucoli / (+670) 77856697

The objective of Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli is to share information about communities’ activities through its programs.  Bucoli radio station was set up by the community and plays a very important role in the community.

 “ I think this community radio belongs to the community; therefore the community must manage and control it themselves. We will not treat people differently, anyone who wants to get involved and present their programs we are ready to facilitate them. This community radio is currently making plans to cooperate with the village councils in order to transmit information to the community.” Saturnino matos da silva, Station Manager Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli

Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli broadcasts Monday to Saturday, 5pm – 10pm. The station has five staff members, scroll down to meet the staff and hear their story.

 Our Story:

Bucoli is a village in Baucau district and Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli was established on the 1st of February 2004. During the crisis in 2006 the station stopped operating but then became active again in 2008 thanks to financial and equipment support from ICFG.

Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli was set up by the community group “Tali Fukun Naroman Bucoli”. Tali Fukun has set up many community working groups including a farming cooperative, non-formal education cooperative, traditional health cooperative, financial cooperative and furniture cooperative. The activities of Tali Fukan were largely unknown to the community, so the members of the group decided to set up another cooperative called the ‘information cooperative’. The information cooperative established a community radio to help share information about the Tali Fukun and the cooperative’ activities, thus Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli was born. This station is independent and is not subservient to any institution. Although under the auspicices of Tali Fukun, the station makes its own programming decisions, can cooperate with NGOs without getting authorization and is independent to manage their own finances.

SATURNINO MATOS DA SILVAS has been the Station Manager for Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli since 2009 and he also volunteers as a journalist and a reporter. Saturnino likes the many opportunities working for community radio has brought him. He has a gained a lot of skills including production and technical training and he enjoys putting these skills into practice at the station. Through his work with community radio he has developed strong friends and networks from Timor-Leste and around the world.  Saturnino is from Bucoli suco in the district of Baucau, he is 27 years old.


JOSEFINA DA COSTA is a long-standing volunteer working as a journalist, reporter and Finance Manager for Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli. Josefina researches, writes and broadcasts her news stories live-to-air.  Josefina likes that community radio allows her to learn about her community, and her community to learn about her. She also recognises that her volunteer work exposes her to training opportunities organised through ARKTL and partner NGOs.  Josefina is from Bucoli suco in the district of Baucau, she is 27 years old.


ALEXANDRINHA DESA has been working as a volunteer for Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli since 2008.  Alexandria works as a reporter, technician, news editor and presenter for music program ‘Hananu Tatoli’. She also actively approaches community to involve community voice and stories in station programming. Alexandrinha has gained many of her skills and experiences through her volunteer work with community radio. She has only completed pre-secondary school however her work-experience with community radio has resulted in a job opportunity with ICFG where she worked as an online news reporter, video editor and camera operator for three years. Alexandrinha believes access likes this to opportunities and training helps develop the community radio sector in Timor-Leste.  Alexandrinha is from Bucoli suco in the district of Baucau, she is 28 years old

JEONOVEVA BIASA (Jali) works as a volunteer presenter for Radio Popular Colelemai Bucoli. Jali presents the music program ‘Hananu Tataoli’ where listeners SMS song dedications to their friends, family and sweethearts. Jali likes working for community radio because it gives her the opportunity to take part in training and to learn new skills including writing news stories and good presentation technique. Jali is from Bucoli suco in the district of Baucau, she is 22 years old.