Baucau – Lian Matebean 99.9 FM

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Lian Matebean 99.9 FM  /  Baucau  /  (+670) 77320643

Lian Matebean encourages community to contact their station with feedback, thoughts and ideas so they can continue to develop and improve station programming.

Station Manager Dulce Santina Belo says the station wants;

community to express their ideas and thoughts and on the basis of this, we can schedule and make programs. Many times we have involved communities and young people to take part in our programs andtalk about what they want, so that this radio station can produce and broadcast programs of relevance to our community.”    

Lian Matebean broadcasts Monday to Saturday, 6am-12pm and 3pm-10pm. The station has seven staff members, scroll down to meet the staff and hear their story.

Our Story;

Lian Matebean is the Community Radio Station in Bacau. Bacau is the second largest city in Timor Leste and the station was established in 2002 on December 10th. Five board members were elected by the community to set up a radio station that would represent the community and provide access to information. The board appointed six staff members to run the station including current Station Manager mana Dulce Santina Belo. In 2006 Dulce was often left alone to run the station but then in 2009 Dulce and Finance Manager Isaias de Jesus da Costa re-invigorated the station with a new recruitment of volunteers. Despite facing many challenges around resources and access to transport Lian Matebean continues to broadcast a full and diverse schedule of programs, run by a dedicated and organised team. Lian Matebean plays an important role in their community by giving people access to information, news and entertainment.

Our People;

DULCE SANTINA BELO is the Station Manager at Lian Matebean and has been volunteering with the station since it was established in 2002. She thinks her role as journalist is important because it allows her to collect stories and broadcast information to communities. She thinks community radio is important because it gives people access to information. Dulce likes working for her community and hopes her work benefits people through the sharing of information and stories. Dulce is from the sub district Bacau Vila, the suco Bukoli in the district Bacau, she is 32 years old.


IMG_0591ISAIAS DE JESUS DA COSTA has worked as a volunteer journalist and Finance Manager for Lian Matebean since 2004. Isaias says he plays three key roles as a community radio worker – the first is to know how to collect stories to be shared with the communities, the second is know how to educate their community through the radio station and the third is to entertain their community through programming. He loves working for community radio because he meets lots of people, and even if he has no blood ties with community members, he can build good relationship with people through his role at the radio station. Isaias is from the district of Bacau and is 25 years old.


NAZARIO DA COSTA BENTO(Niko) has been working a volunteer programmer for Lian Matebean since 2012. He produces programs, works with NGOs to produce and broadcast their own shows and also hosts a regular talk show. Niko enjoys travelling to the villages and using community radio to share information with the communities about what is happening within their district. Niko is happy to be a journalist for community radio because he feels that community radio is helping people in rural areas access information and news. Niko is from the district of Bacau and is 31 years old.


ARLINDO XIMENES MARCAL (Macho) recently joined the team of volunteers at Lian Matebean. Macho helps to produce the music program ‘Imi husu ami tatoli’. He likes working for community radio because it increases his skills in working and sharing information with community. Macho is from the sub district Laga in the district of Bacau and is 27 years old.


CLEMENTINO DE JESUS COSTA (Clemen) works as a volunteer technician for Lian Matebean. He has been working with the station since 2012 and operates and maintains the station equipment. Clemen also likes to learn from the journalists at the station on how to collect news stories and how best to communicate stories to community. Clemen is from the district of Bacau and is 22 years old.


FELICIANO VENANCIO BELO (Araku) started working with Lian Matebean in 2012. Araku is a media reporter and  collects stories from communities in rural areas where there is little access to information. He sees his role as informing and entertaining the Bacau community with the shows produced at Lian Matebean. Through his work Araku likes learning about things that you don’t commonly hear about in daily life, then broadcasting this to communities. Araku is from the district of Bacau and is 20 years old.


IMG_0529JUVINAL FONSECA began work with Lian Matebean in 2012. Juvinal is a student and started working with community radio so he could learn some basic journalism skills to complement his studies. Juvinal helps to produce shows and works the panel, but his goal is to become an independent journalist. Juvinal likes his work with community radio because he feels it is increasing his capacity,  and that he is achieving self-improvement. Juvinal is from the sub district Keleqai in the district of Baucau, he is 16 years old.