Aileu – Rai Husar 97.1 FM

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Rai Husar 97.1 FM /  Aileu  /  (+670) 77489452

The volunteers at Rai Husar aim to help their community better understand information from Government,NGOs and to broadcast content relevant to youth and children.

With the support of NGO Search for Common Ground, Rai Husar have facilitated community focus groups, giving community the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to the station. Station Manager Joao Borges hopes this community engagement will improve programs for the future.

Rai Husar broadcasts every day from 9am – 3pm and 6pm – 11pm. Rai Husar has six staff members, scroll down to meet the staff and hear their story.

Our Story;

Rais Husar started broadcasting February 14, 2000 and was set up with the support of the local community, The World Bank and NGO Community Permanent Project. The station was established to give community better access to news and information.

IMG_0041JOAO BORJES is the Station Manager at Rai Husar and has been working as a volunteer for the station since 2003. Jao takes pride in his work and says the station plays an important role in the community. Working with Rai Husi allows him to help friends share information and facilitate the community’s involvement in the development of the district. Jao is from the town of Aileu in the district Aileu and he is 30 years old.


IMG_0003TOME FERNANDES DE DEUS has been working as a volunteer journalist with Rai Husar community radio station since 2010.  Tome collects news stories and shares these through Radio Rai Husar to help the community know and understand what is happening in their district. Tome enjoys working for community radio because it allows him to share information and stories that can inspire Timorese youth to contribute to the development of Timor-Leste. Tome is from the district Aileu, in the town of Aileu, Liuria suku.


IMG_0037ADAUN LUCAS MENDONSA is a new volunteer trainee with Rai Husar and he is looking forward to gaining work experience and new skills. Adaun likes working for community radio because he enjoys sharing news stories with his community. He looks forward to creating programs such as music shows, talk-shows and other programs that are relevant to his community. Adaun thinks that access to information can help develop community and help create a positive future. Adaun is from the town of Aileu in the district Aileu.


IMG_0028IJAC DE JESUS QUINTAO began volunteering with Rai Husar in 2012. Ijac is a news presenter and enjoys working for the station because it allows him to access both district and national news. Ijac hopes to transfer the skills he has learnt at the station to other community members in his district. Ijac  is from the town Aileu in the district Aileu.


IMG_0019CELESTINHO VOAVIDA DE FATIMA began volunteering for Rai Husar in 2013. Working with the station enables Celestinho to access information and to access training opportunities that he hopes can improve his future. Clestinho is from the sub district Aileu, district of Aileu.