Become a Member

Members are the heart and soul of ARKTL. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact

A new member process will be voted on at the 2014 ARKTL Congress that will improve on how we engage new members and the rules, rights and responsibilities for current members.

The current ARKTL constitution states the following;


Ordinary Members – are any community radio station or community radio organisation, which operates in Timor Loro Sa’e on a not for profit basis which subscribes to the objectives of ARKTL, the agreed code of practice and holds a licence to operate a broadcasting service under the relevant law.

Associate Members – are foreign persons, associations or legal entities that subscribes to the objectives of ARKTL and has had its membership approved by the Board and is based or has an office or section in Timor Loro Sa’e.

Affiliate Members – are any entity which is not eligible to be either an ordinary or associate member which, in the opinion of the Board subscribe to the objectives of ARKTL and are bona fide supporters of Community Radio.

Members cannot be a political party, religious group or an entity that seeks to create profit from broadcasting.


Abide by the Constitution of ARKTL

Act in accordance with the objectives of ARKTL

Agree to become a member of ARKTL

Pay the required membership fee

Abide by the decisions of the Board and the members at general meetings

To develop the activities and objectives of ARKTL