Ba Distrito Training Launch

ARKTL and Counterpart International have launched the USAID-funded Ba Distrito (Ba Distrito) project’s community radio outreach campaign at four stations across the country. This project utilises the connection between community stations and the local community to distribute information about the process of government decentralisation.

IMG_1460Over the past two weeks the team has travelled to Emera, Baucau, Liquisa and Suai. The training focused on key issues about decentralisation and changes to municipal management. Participants were also briefed on the role of suco councils and the structure of the Special Social Market Economy Zone in Oecusse. Radio station staff and local journalists participated in the training to become more informed about the processes before beginning a series of live talk shows with local and municipal administrators. It is expected that this training will better enable them to engage listeners in important discussions about the changes and how they will affect local communities.

On Monday the team travelled to Oecusse to complete the training before the complete Ba Distrito schedule launches at the end of June. The schedule includes a regular talk show and a six episode radio drama produced by Radio Lorico in Dili. The complete Ba Distrito radio program package will air throughout June and continue to November.

For more information on when these programs will premiere in your district, stay tuned to your local station.

Ba Distrito’s activities are generously funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


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