100% Hau Prontu: Potential Female Candidates Are Ready For 2015 Suco Elections

Over a hundred women from across the country have attended a seminar in Dili in preparation for the 2015 Suco elections. The women, who intend to stand for election later this year, heard presentations from several men and women to better enable them to run their local campaigns. The presentations provided insights into balancing home and work life, running a campaign and the constitutional basis for electoral processes.

The 100% Hau Prontu seminar, which ran on the 28th and 29th of May, was organised by NGO Caucus and NGO Patria, in coordination with various womens organisations and with support from the Secretary of State for the Support and Socio-economic Promotion of Women (SEM) to address the lack of female representation in Suco and Aldeia leadership. The two day workshop intended to identify 100 women to stand for election across 100 Sucos. Organisers hope the seminar will give these candidates the best possible opportunity to run a successful campaign.

Participants at 100 Hau Prontu seminar.

Participants at 100 Hau Prontu seminar.

Patria Director Laura Pina said “We need to build and strengthen the capacity of women as leaders to promote women’s agenda and in supporting other women to be proactive in politics and decision-making”. Ms Pina said the workshop was about building the skills and capacity to actively participate in the local electoral process. The 100% Hau Prontu campaign is part of ongoing initiatives to involve more women in all levels of decision making processes.

The result of these campaigns will be decided in the nationwide Suco elections in December.

For more information, visit hauprontu.wordpress.com or see 100% Hau Prontu on Facebook.


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