ARKTL and USAID’s Ba Distrito Project Team Up For Decentralisation

ARKTL has been working with USAID’s Ba Distrito Project (Ba Distrito) to develop material on government decentralisation for community radio. This six month project will help communities understand the process of decentralisation and how it affects the local people. We will be ensuring people are given the most accurate and detailed information about these changes.

The project will provide community stations in Baucau, Emera, Suai, Liquisa and Oecussi with public service announcements and a serialised radio drama to air throughout the year. These stations will also be presenting talk shows every month about these changes to district administration. Listeners will be able to actively participate in these programs and win. Each participating station will hold a quiz during their live talk show with prizes for the winner. More information on the broadcast schedule for these programs will be available soon.


This project will be a valuable way to communicate details about administrative changes to the wider community and promote community involvement in this process. It is important that the information provided to the public is conceptually accessible and available in the local languages. Our stations will enable their communities to engage in these important issues.


We will soon provide a detailed schedule for these broadcasts. For more information and to give us your opinion on these changes contact us on Facebook or email

This campaign is funded by Ba Distrito, whose activities are generously funded by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


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