Community Engagement Aus Training volunteer Elena MacMaster has successfully installed the new talkback equipment in community radio stations in Bacau, Bucoli, Los Palos, Oecusse, Viqueque. and Maubisse.

Last week Elena travelled to the Western districts with Ivan Lopes – ARKTL’s new Communications and Administration Coordinator, Zelia Da Costa from Radio Lorico and Joaquim de Fatima Coutinho fom Community Radio Maubisse – to finish the installation of the talkback equipment to all community radio stations in Timor-Leste. The equipment enables stations to put live phone calls to air for interviews, live reports from the field and do talkback. Elena will install the equipment in the final two stations this week.

ARKTL sends big thanks to Riah Williams – technician at 3CR community radio in Melbourne Australia who built the equipment. The equipment was donated by 3CR staff and volunteers and co-funded by ARKTL. ARKTL also thanks the Australian Embassy’s DAP program who provided the key financial support to purchase the phones and fund the installation of the talkback equipment at community radio stations in Timor-Leste.