Dr Mari Alkatiri, the representative of state TL for the Special Zones of Social Market Economy (ZEESM) program met with the Atoni Community to discuss priorities for the ZEESM pilot project in Oecusse. Dr Alkatiri travelled to Oecusse with members of parliament where a community meeting was held at the Secretary of State for Oecusse Autonomous Region (SERAÓ) on the 7th February 2014.

Dr Alkatiri stressed the importance of communication with and securing support from all members of Government and National Parliament to ensure the success of the ZEESM pilot project.  Dr Alkatiri said the ZEESM program could help unite the people of Oecusse and will give Oecusse the opportunity to discover the full potential of their district. Oecusse district administrator Salvador da Cruz said that the people of Oecusse are willing to actively contribute to the ZEESM project and will work together with Government to liberate the people from poverty and illiteracy.

During the meeting the building of a road was prioritised as the first step in the pilot project. It was decided the road should be 13 meters wide and cover a 17K distance starting from the eastern border at Sakato and running through Lifau, Tono and the Capital of Oecusse.

Joe Feno, RCAL