Homes and rice fields have been destroyed in the recent floods in Oebaha. Oebaha is part of the Bobo Meto village in the sub district of Oesilo. Heavy rains on the 2nd of February caused the Kin Loke river to flood razing homes and rice fields.

The head of village Mr. Bento Bobo said this natural disaster has devastated three hectares of rice fields leaving many community members without any food security. He has called for emergency help from Government to provide food support to the 200 homes and families affected by the floods in Oebaha.

Community Representative Mr. Martinho Bone has appealed to Government to implement measures that will protect the still existing community rice fields from future floods. The Director of Public Service for the District of Oecusse Mr Candido dos Reis Amaral sent a task force to Oebaha to investigate and found that the existing equipment the Government uses to prevent flooding is not effective.  Mr Amaral stated his team would endeavour to get the right equipment and employ effective measures to stop any future flooding.

Joe Feno, RCAL