NEW Students’ Program for RCAL Oecusse

Radio Atoni Lifau conducted a general training course with 10 students from the Dili Institute of Technology, Oecusse campus (DIT KREOL) last week. The training course including an introduction to community radio as well as training in interviewing, scripting and presentation skills and how to use audio recording software and studio equipment.

The students will start a students’ program, covering issues for students and broader development and justice issues in the Oecusse district. With the help of Radio Atoni Lifau’s new talkback equipment, they’ll also be able to interact with their audience, taking phonecalls from listeners live on air and broadcasting pre-recorded phone interviews.

The students’ new program will broadcast on Friday nights, weekly. This training took place as part of ARKTL’s community engagement project generously supported by the Australian Embassy’s DAP program and the Asia Pacific Journalism Centre.