ARKTL is excited to announce that we have received funding to hire a part-time staff member.  ARKTL highly encourages ARKTL members, women and those passionate about strengthening community radio in Timor-Leste to apply.

ARKTL has secured funding from Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald with the support of our partner organisation in Australian the Asia Pacific Journalism Centre (APJC).  The newly appointed Administration and Communications Coordinator will be responsible for the administration management of ARKTL including budget management and will also coordinate ARKTL’s communications and partner relations. 

Applications close Friday 21st of March

The selected applicant will be chosen by a panel consisting of ARKTL’s President Prezado Ximenes, Eurico Pereira, Director Radio Rakambia and Aus Training volunteer Claudia Santangelo who will be the counterpart to the newly appointed Administration and Communications Coordinator.


Please attach to an email sent to no later than  Friday 21st March 5pm a document that includes the following;

–       Cover letter

–       CV

–       Document addressing the essential criteria as outlined in the position description

You can download the position description here;

Position Description – Administrator and Communications Coordinator, ARKTL

If you have any questions please email or call Prezado Ximenes on  +67 07723 9945


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