UntitledNew talkback equipment for community radio stations has arrived in Timor Leste and has been tested at Radio Lorico Lian. The talkback equipment, built by Riah Williams technician at 3CR community radio in Melbourne Australia and donated by 3CR staff and volunteers and co-funded by ARKTL, will be installed first in Oecusse with other stations to follow later in the year. The equipment will enable stations to put live phone calls to air for interviews, live reports from the field and do talkback. In April ARKTL will be contacting community radio stations around the country to arrange a schedule for travelling to all stations to install the equipment and train staff in its installation and use. ARKTL received funds from the Australian Embassy’s DAP program to support the purchasing of equipment and the installation of the talkback equipment at community radio stations in Timor-Leste.