Radio Lian Matebean in Baucau trained nine new volunteers and celebrated their 11th anniversary in 2013 as part of ARKTL’s Community Radio Engagement Project. The Project’s objective is to support community radio stations in Baucau, Maubisse and Oecusse to increase community participation and engagement in the community radio stations. If ARKTL secures ongoing funding we hope to extend the project to the rest of the stations in the community radio network. Radio Lian Matebian volunteer and community radio trainer Isais Jesus da Costa delivered the community radio training course as the lead trainer with co-trainer ARKTL volunteer Elena McMaster. Students successfully completed the training course and then produced two short audio pieces about Baucau culture and history that were broadcast to a live audience during the 11th anniversary celebrations. ARKTL will be travelling to Oecusse next to work with Radio Atoni Lifau on improving community engagement with the station there. ARKTL received funds from the Australian Embassy’s DAP program to support the Community Radio Engagement Project.