Community Radio Tokodede Liquica has just received the key to their newly renovated office building.  The government organisation District Development Commission (KDD), lead by President Domingos da Conceio do Santos approved funds for the local Liquica construction company Hatu Leo Unipessoal Lda to complete the renovations. On the 15th of January at a ceremony celebrating the renovations the KDD team presented the key to the new office building to the Station Manager Joao Borges. The ceremony was attended by government and community including the administrator of sub district Liquica, District Development Officer and staff, public service workers, the head of the village, members of the KDD team and volunteers and staff from Radio Komunidade Tokodede, Liquica.

The coordinator for the KDD team thanked Hatu Leo Unipessoal Lda for running the project in-line with the local Government’s timeline and expressed willingness and openness to collaborate on future projects to help develop the Liquica district.

Gil Sousa, Community Radio Tokodede Liquica


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