Maubisse Community Radio Station, Maubisse-Mauloko is set to move into a new building thanks to the support of PM Xanana Gusmao and the Bendigo friendship group from the Australian and Timor-Leste’s Friendship Network. The International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) established the local community radio station in Maubisse with full support from the local community, chiefs of the village, the Church and local authorities and NGOs. The station founders and community chose the name Mauloko for their radio station, meaning a man full of love and peace.

Former Resistance fighter Mr. Jose Maria Mendonca owns Maubisse-Mauloko’s current building of residence however Mr Mendonca now has the need to re-claim his building. Maubisse-Mauloko’s Station Manager Joaquim Coutinho along with board members including Mr. Luis Casmiro took the initiative to find funding for the stations imminent move. During a Government visit to Maubisse, Coutinho and Casmiro approached PM Xanana Gusmao who subsequently pledged $2,000 support for the station.

A suitable government building was identified to house the station but there was some initial concern that Maubisse-Mauloko would not be able to move into the their new home as a man, Mr Antonio, was living in the building. The radio station decided to use the $2,000 pledged from Xanana to help Mr Antonio to find a new residence.

The Bendigo friendship group provided significant support in renovating Maubisse-Mauloko’s new building with group members from Australian travelling to Maubisse to work on and fund the renovations. Maubisse-Mauloko will use their monthly allowance from The Centre of Community Radio (CRC) to fund the final stages of the project. The new building for Maubisse-Mauloko is expected to be finished soon and be ready for the station staff to move into their new station home early this year.


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