The ARKTL Website launch yesterday showcases the strong network of community radio in Timor-Leste and provides a platform for information sharing, networking and access to resources, opportunities and news. Alongside the website ARKTL also launched its monthly E-newsletter and new facebook profile. The ARKTL Enews will publish community stories and news, media industry updates and will promote training and opportunities to its community network.

The launch was held in Dili at the Centro Formasaun Joao Paulo II. In attendance were staff from eight of the sixteen community radio stations, media organisations including SAPO and the Centre of Investigative Journalism, the Australian Ambassador Miles Armitage, the President’s Chief advisor Fidelio Magalhae and NGO representatives.

President of ARKTL Prezado Ximenes addressed the audience and expressed the importance of the ARKTL website to strengthen and showcase the community radio network. Through our new website community radio has the potential to reach both a national and an international audience. Our new website is an instrument for community radio workers to network, share stories, access resources and to collaborate which will give community radio more strength to help develop our country”, said Ximenes.

Fidelio Magalhaes, chief advisor to the President, spoke alongside Ximenes and recognised the importance of community radio for community and nation building in Timor-Leste and celebrated the new website that showcases this strong media network.

District community radio workers hope to improve their Internet access to enable them to fully take advantage of these new online platforms – to access information and also to be able to share their own stories. Ximenes recognises that internet access needs to be improved in Timor-Leste and particularly in the districts but is excited about creating this platform now that will see even more benefits for future generations.

The launch of the ARKTL website was made possible by the support of the Asia Pacific Journalism Centre, the Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program and two dedicated AusAid volunteers – Claudia Santangelo and Elena McMaster. The ARKTL website is in both English and Tetun. Visit the ARKTL website at, find the ARKTL facebook at and find out how to sign up to the ARKTL Enews here


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