Community radio workers from Oecusse, Aileu, Maubisse, Baucau, Covalima, Bucoli and Dili – along with staff from Search for Common Ground – participated in two days of workshops in Dili in November facilitated by ARKTL. The workshops covered areas such as Financial Transparency and Accountability, Community Engagement, Writing for Web and Training for Trainers. Materials developed during these workshops and distributed to participants will be available to all community radio stations through the ARKTL website. We’ll also be extending the community radio engagement project to all stations next year and offering support in recruiting and training new volunteers using the new materials and supporting stations to encourage greater community participation.

Thanks to Alberico from TLMDC for his invaluable help with translation and thanks to Mark from 3CR for making coffee and feeding us!

Please visit the ARKTL website to get the online version of the training materials and session plans. These rescources are also available in Tetun, see the Tetun website for ARKTL

TL Community Radio Session Plans

TL Community Radio Training Materials